Meet the Team


The Clifton Handbell Ringers Concert Team stands as a beacon of musical excellence, comprised of eight talented musicians who are dedicated to the art of handbell ringing. As ambassadors of the Clifton Handbell Ringers, the concert team represents the pinnacle of artistic achievement, captivating audiences with their harmonious blend of skill, precision, and musicality.

Team Composition:
Our concert team is a dynamic ensemble of eight exceptional musicians, each selected for their outstanding musical abilities and unwavering commitment to handbell ringing. Led by our esteemed musical director, (David Sunderland), the team embodies the collaborative spirit and artistic vision that define the Clifton Handbell Ringers.

Distinctive Style:Off Table Ringing in Yorkshire Style
What sets the Clifton Handbell Ringers Concert Team apart is their mastery of the Yorkshire “Off Table” ringing style, a distinctive approach to handbell performance that is rare and highly specialised. As one of only a handful of teams in the country to adopt this unique style, the concert team showcases the versatility and innovation that define the Clifton Handbell Ringers.

Off Table ringing involves holding the handbells away from the table, allowing for greater freedom of movement and a more dynamic and expressive performance. This style requires exceptional coordination and precision, as each musician must navigate the intricacies of the music while maintaining perfect synchronisation with their fellow ringers.

Musical Expertise:
Members of the concert team bring a wealth of musical expertise to the ensemble, with diverse backgrounds in handbell ringing, music education, and performance. Their collective experience encompasses a wide range of musical genres and styles, allowing the concert team to explore a rich and varied repertoire that showcases the unique capabilities of handbells in the Yorkshire “Off Table” ringing style.

Collaborative Spirit:
The strength of the Clifton Handbell Ringers Concert Team lies in its collaborative spirit and shared commitment to musical excellence. Rehearsing diligently to perfect their performances, team members support one another, fostering a supportive and inspiring environment that encourages artistic growth and innovation.

Community Engagement:
As ambassadors for the Clifton Handbell Ringers, the concert team plays a vital role in engaging with the community through performances at local events, churches, and concerts. Their passion for sharing the joy of handbell ringing resonates with audiences of all ages, creating memorable musical experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Looking Ahead:
The future is bright for the Clifton Handbell Ringers Concert Team, with exciting opportunities on the horizon to showcase their talents and continue to elevate the art of handbell ringing in the Yorkshire “Off Table” style. As they continue to grow and evolve as musicians, the concert team remains committed to upholding the tradition of excellence that defines the Clifton Handbell Ringers.

Join Us:
We invite you to experience the magic of the Clifton Handbell Ringers Concert Team firsthand. Stay tuned for upcoming performances and events, and join us in celebrating the power of music to unite, inspire, and uplift the human spirit.

Thank you for supporting the Clifton Handbell Ringers Concert Team. We look forward to sharing our music with you!

CBR at Slaithwaite Christmas Festival
CHBR who featured on BBC Look North, with Harry Gration